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Laminate veneer teeth are veneers placed on the front surfaces of the teeth to provide a more aesthetic appearance. These veneers, also known as leaf porcelain, are permanent as long as routine oral care is taken care of. You can find detailed information about Laminate dental veneer teeth in our article.


What is laminated dental veneer?

In which cases is Laminate dental veneer applied?

What are the advantages of dental veneer teeth?

How is Laminate veneer teeth made?

What should be considered after Laminate veneer teeth?

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How long is the life of Laminate dental veneer?

How much are Laminate veneer teeth cost?

How many sessions does the Laminate dental veneer process take?

Does the Laminate dental veneer fall off after it is adhered?

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What is Laminate dental veneer?

Laminate dental veneer teeth are especially used in anterior teeth. If they are used, they give an aesthetic appearance to the teeth. Nails are also called teeth because they are very thin. In addition, in your internet searches, you can see that leaf porcelain, leaf tooth, lamina veneer, Laminate veneer, composite laminate, leaf porcelain tooth is used for this type of veneer. In the application of laminated tooth coating made of porcelain, the front side of the main tooth is thinned. The Laminate veneer, which is prepared according to the patient's tooth structure, is adhered to this abraded area with medical adhesive.

In which cases is Laminate dental veneer applied in Antalya, Turkey?

By using these coatings in the situations listed below, healthy and aesthetic results are obtained.

  • If there is no whiteness that meets the expectations after the teeth whitening process
  • If there is a problem in the alignment of the teeth in the mouth
  • The presence of a gap between the teeth in the front of the mouth
  • Deformities
  • Crowding in the teeth, which is called crooked teeth among the people,
  • Disorders of the smile line
  • Different size and height of teeth
  • Some damage to the enamel of the teeth
  • Bad image caused by fillings performed on the front teeth

Who can not apply Laminate dental veneer teeth in Antalya, Turkey?

  • People with insufficient physiological development in their chin
  • A8 age is the determinant for jaw development. After this age is completed, it is accepted that the development of the jaw is completed. Even if they do not complete the age of 18, there may also be those who have developed jaws. This situation is rare. Eligibility is determined by the examination by the dentist.
  • Situations where there is excessive confusion
  • In cases where there is excessive crowding in the tooth alignment and rotation (rotation) of the teeth, this Laminate veneer may be difficult to apply. In this case, it may be more accurate to prefer zirconium coating (after orthodontic treatments).
  • Situations where adhesion will be insufficient
  • Milk teeth or teeth exposed to excessive flora may have adhesion and durability problems.
  • In cases where teeth grinding and clenching are very severe during sleep
  • These coatings are very thin. Night plaque should be used in such unwanted dental problems. In severe cases, it can cause the coating to break.
  • People whose teeth have not erupted enough
  • It is necessary to wait for the tooth to erupt and complete its development. Otherwise, the coating size will change.
  • Situations where there are problems in the gums that need treatment (gum diseases and gum recessions)
  • After treatment in Antalya, Turkey, coating can be done.
  • If the back side of the tooth to be veneered is not strong enough
  • If there is damage to the back of the tooth due to various reasons and the tooth is weak, sufficient efficiency cannot be obtained even if the coating is applied.
  • Pen biting behavior
  • This habit should be abandoned.
  • Rocking teeth
  • People with mental disorders

What are the advantages of Laminate dental veneer teeth in Antalya, Turkey?

Laminated dental veneers have several advantages. These can be listed as follows. The appearance of Laminate dental veneer teeth is similar to natural teeth. They give the closest appearance to natural teeth, as they have high light transmittance properties, that is, fluorescence properties. It is really difficult to notice that an artificial veneer is applied to the laminated tooth.

Both laminate veneers and all-on-four dental implants are effective treatments that can improve the appearance and function of your teeth. The best option for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

  • There is no color change or darkening in Laminate dental veneer teeth.
    Although our natural teeth are a little rough, the surface of this artificial coating is not rough. Since they are not rough, color changes do not occur even if they are used for a long time.
  • Aesthetic teeth are achieved with Laminate dental veneer teeth in Antalya, Turkey.
    Before coating, a personalized model is prepared. With simulations, the patient can see the final version of the coating before the coating is applied to the person.
  • Although not as durable as zirconium.
    There is no easy wear on the surface of the tooth. It is resistant to abrasion. Due to their durability, their permanence is high. Undoubtedly, it should be well maintained and protected from impacts
  • No sensitivity in teeth.
    Since the amount of abraded is very small, there is no sensitivity in the teeth. Dite 0.3-0.6 mm etching is sufficient. There is no sensitivity to hot and cold.
  • Coating does not take long to be made.
    In the first session, measurement and examination are performed, while the second session is covered. If extra treatments are required, the time will be longer as the treatment will be done first.
  • Easy to get used to.
    The area of this coating is quite small. The lack of sensitivity also makes it easier to get used to. The user does not feel that there is an artificial structure. Because the coating does not happen on the teeth where chewing activity is performed.
  • Does not fall off easily.
    As long as there are no severe blows and hard objects are not broken with teeth, it will not fall easily. Acidic beverages should also not be consumed excessively. It may damage the adhesive.

How is Laminate veneer teeth made in Antalya, Turkey?

What is done during laminated tooth veneer in Antalya, Turkey is as follows:

  • First of all, the examination is carried out by the dentist.
    The first step of treatment is examination. It is determined whether the development status of the jaw, the condition of the tooth to be crowned, and whether extra treatment is needed for the teeth or gums. It is learned whether there are chronic diseases, the drugs used and the allergy status.
  • The area to be coated is anesthetized with local anesthetic agents.
    Pain is not felt during laminate tooth veneer. Local anesthesia technique can be used to relieve the fear and anxiety of patients with low pain threshold. For this reason, the area to be coated is usually numbed before the procedure. The patient does not feel pain during the Laminate veneer procedure.
  • Cleaning is done on the tooth surface.
    Before the Laminate veneer is attached, the tooth is taken care of. For this purpose, the teeth are cleaned. If there is plaque on it, plaque cleaning is applied. Necessary polishing is done. A very fine abrasion is made on the front surface of the tooth. In this way, there is no protrusion after coating and the coating adheres more easily.
  • Imaging is done, measurement records are taken and the preparation of the coating is started.
    Viewed with dental devices. Learn what the patient's expectations are. The color of the coating is determined on the color scale in accordance with the color of the tooth. Records are sent to the laboratory for coating preparation. The construction of the coating is completed in a few days.
  • Temporary coating is applied to the patient in order not to interrupt the eating and drinking activities.
    Temporary Laminate veneer is placed on the tooth to prevent damage to the prepared and abraded tooth and to ensure that the patient's food consumption continues normally. Temporary coating is used until the permanent coating arrives and the patient does not feel incomplete.
  • The prepared Laminate veneer is attached to the abraded tooth.
    The prepared coating is tested in the patient's mouth. After the Laminate veneer is attached, it is shown to the patient. After the patient's satisfaction and approval, the laminated tooth is permanently attached to the tooth.
Laminate dental veneer Antalya

What should be considered after Laminate veneer teeth in Antalya, Turkey?

There are things to be done to increase the life and permanence of the coating. If these are followed, the coatings can be used for many years without any problems.

  • In cases where teeth grinding is in question, a night plate should be used in order not to damage the coating.
  • In order not to damage the coating, items such as pens and buckles should not be put into the mouth and pressure should not be applied to the coating.
  • Foods such as hard-shelled hazelnuts should not be broken with teeth. Care should be taken when eating fruits such as cherry and peach with seeds.
  • Beverage lids should not be opened with teeth.
  • Care should be taken when consuming products such as paste and gum, which may stick to the teeth and remove the coating. If possible, these products should not be consumed or used.
  • Acidic foods and beverages should be reduced as much as possible. Otherwise, the adhesive used while sticking the Laminate veneer may be damaged.
  • Daily oral care (brushing, mouthwash, use of dental floss) should be paid attention.
  • Dentist control at 6-month intervals should not be interrupted.
  • Other recommendations should be followed.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Laminate Veneers in Antalya, Turkey

    The permanence of the laminate tooth veneer is affected by various factors. It may not be correct to give an exact usage time. It should not be forgotten that the life of the coating will vary from person to person. In the interviews with the users, it is stated that the life of the coating is approximately 15-20 years in Antalya, Turkey. Compliance with the recommendations in the section titled What to do after coating will extend the life of the coating.

    In order to be able to talk about an exact number of Laminate dental veneer in Antalya, Turkey, it is necessary to be examined by the dentist. Because there may be treatments that need to be done before the coating is done. Extra treatments will increase the price. The price policy and experience of the dentist can also change the price. The most important reason for the price difference between clinics is the experience of the physician. Although it is the base price determined by the dentists association, some costs will be added to the base price. The nature and quantity of the coating material may affect the price. Because these coatings are imported, the price changes. Therefore, exchange rates are also very important. You can contact us to be examined for laminated coating and to learn the price.

    Before covering the teeth with Laminate dental veneer teeth in Antalya, Turkey, in case of problems in the tooth or gums, the problems are firstly resolved. For this reason, as the number of sessions will increase, the treatment time will also be extended. If there is no problem, the tooth coating process is completed in 2-3 sessions. On average, the coating process is completed in 1 week. Usually, in the first session of the treatment, dental examination, tooth cleaning and abrasion, and temporary coating are placed. The porcelain veneer prepared in the other session is tested and attached to the tooth after the patient's satisfaction is learned.

    Medical adhesives are used when coating Laminate dental veneer teeth. These adhesives are quite strong. Unless there are very severe impacts, there will be no falling of the coatings. Even normal teeth can break with severe impacts. One must be careful so that this coating does not fall off. Leaks may occur after the coating is adhered. This happens because good bonding is not done. In this case, as the fusion with the tooth will be weak, rare cases of falling may occur. Clenching the tooth, grinding the tooth, hard blows can then drop the coating more easily. Night plaque and chin muscle botox can be effective in such cases.

    These coatings are usually made to have an aesthetic appearance in Antalya, Turkey. In case of aesthetic coatings, the cost of this treatment is not covered by SSI. You can come to our clinic or contact us get information about Laminate dental veneer teeth and to benefit from our examination service.

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