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Emax crown & Empress dental veneer is the process of covering teeth with reduced or lost function after they are repaired and giving these teeth a more aesthetic appearance. With regular oral and dental care, coatings can be used for many years. You can find detailed information about Emax crown & Empress dental veneers in our article.

Emax Crown Cost Turkey


What is Emax crown & Empress dental veneer?

Who can have Emax crown & Empress dental veneers?

What are the advantages of Emax crown & Empress dental veneer?

How much are Emax crown & Empress dental veneer cost?

How is Emax crown & Empress dental veneer treatment done?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Empress teeth and Zirconium?

How should Emax crown & Empress dental veneer care be done?

How long is Emax crown & Empress dental veneer used?

How long do the treatment sessions of Emax crown & Empress dental veneers last?

Is it possible to be toothless during Emax crown & Empress dental veneer treatment?

Do Emax crown & Empress dental veneers cause cold or hot sensitivity?

Do Emax crown & Empress dental veneers cause allergies?

Does Emax crown & Empress dental veneers change color?

Is there a danger of Emax crown & Empress dental veneers coming off or breaking?

Will there be bruising on the gums at the end of Emax crown & Empress crown treatment?

What is Emax crown & Empress dental veneer?

Emax crown & Empress dental veneers are among the most popular aesthetic treatments in dentistry. There are different names for Emax crown tooth & Empress veneer. Empress crown, full porcelain tooth, Emax crown tooth are the most commonly used nomenclature. Emax crown and empress veneer are similar coating types. The only difference between them is that the Emax crown tooth is more durable. The basic structure of both coating types consists of porcelain and is obtained by strengthening the durability of the porcelain. As with zirconium coating, these coatings pass light very well and do not contain metal in their structure. For this reason, when used for aesthetic dental treatment, they provide a natural and very white appearance to the teeth. Front teeth and premolars are the teeth that empress veneer is most preferred. Emax crown can be applied to all teeth (including molars) with higher durability in Antalya, Turkey.

Who can have Emax crown & Empress dental veneers in Antalya, Turkey?

Emax crown & Empress dental veneers can be made in the following cases.

  • People who want to have an aesthetic smile in Antalya, Turkey
  • There may be problems with premolars. In this case, these crowns can be made.
  • Some teeth may be small. The sizes of these teeth can be enlarged.
  • Cases of damage to the enamel, which is the outer surface of the tooth, for various reasons can be corrected with these veneers.
  • It can be done to close the tooth gaps that are not too large.
  • Emax crown and empress veneer can be preferred in cases where there is wear or irregularity in the shape of the teeth.
  • It can be used in the treatment of teeth that cause irregularity in tooth alignment.
  • After the darkening of the teeth caused by coloring agents is corrected, these veneers provide an aesthetic appearance.

Which teeth cannot be Emax crown & empress veneer applied?

  • They are not preferred in molars at the back of the mouth. In these regions, more zirconium and tittanium are used.
  • In cases where metal pivots are added with root canal treatment, these coatings are not applied.
  • Patient groups in which abudment is used following all on four implants, all on 6 and traditional dental implant applications.
  • In case of missing teeth, these deficiencies cannot be eliminated with these veneers.
  • They are not preferred in treatments involving long bridges.

What are the advantages of Emax crown & Empress dental veneer in Antalya, Turkey?

Various advantageous aspects of Emax crown Empress veneers, which provide an aesthetic appearance to the teeth, are listed below.

  • They provide a fairly white appearance.
    The light transmittance of these coatings is very high. For this reason, they provide a white appearance and shine similar to natural teeth. These fluorescent coatings give confidence to the person while speaking and laughing.
  • Their durable structure is an important advantage in Antalya, Turkey.
    It is obtained by compressing porcelain. It is quite durable even without metal content. Breaks and abrasions are not easily out of question. Due to these features, it is used for many years.
  • Plaque layers seen in natural teeth are not formed easily.
    In cases where the teeth are polished, plaque formation on the veneer is rare. Their surfaces are not as rough as in normal teeth. For this reason, the accumulation due to food residues is at a very low level and it is easy to clean. Since there is no easy plaque formation, diseases related to teeth and gums are less.
  • It is ideal in cases where there is deformity in the teeth.
    Deformity and alignment problems, especially in the front teeth, can be eliminated with veneer treatment.
  • There is no bruising caused by metal coatings on the gums.
    Metal veneers may even cause purplish staining in the gingival and tooth junction area. This situation is not observed in Emax crown, empress veneer.
  • The veneer adheres to the tooth very well.
    These coatings, which adhere to the main tooth with adhesives, have a very high compatibility with the tooth. It does not easily separate from the main tooth.
  • Fluid flow is very low.
    Compared to other coatings, liquid transmission is almost non-existent.
  • Pre-existing sensitivity of teeth is removed with these veneers.

How much are Emax crown & Empress dental veneers cost in Antalya, Turkey?

Unless the patient is examined by the dentist, it is difficult to make an explanation about the veneer price. Because prices differ from person to person in Antalya, Turkey. Before veneer, some diseases, if any, need to be treated. These create extra costs and increase the coating price. If the number of teeth to be coated is high, there will be an increase in the price according to the increasing number of teeth. The quality and quantity of the material used is also reflected in the price. These coatings are imported. It is normal for the prices to change depending on the exchange rates. Perhaps the most important criterion that determines the price is the price policy of the dentist. The physician may want to reflect the experience and knowledge he has gained through years of treatment in the price. For this reason, it is necessary to consider the price difference between clinics as normal. There will be a difference between the price of a clinic in the luxury district and the prices in the district with a middling eco-structure, depending on the expenses.

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Emax&Empress Crown&Veneer Turkey

How is Emax crown & Empress dental veneer done in Antalya, Turkey?

In order to achieve successful results, the coating treatment must also be done properly. The stages of coating treatment are listed below.

  • The patient talks to the doctor.
    The doctor examines the patient. The history of the disease is listened, information is obtained about the drugs used, drug allergies, and expectations.
  • Imaging devices are used in Antalya, Turkey.
    Imaging is performed using devices and tooth structure, deformity, and the characteristics of the tooth to be veneered are learned. Measurements of the tooth (or teeth) to be veneered are made and recorded.
  • Pain is relieved by the numbing process.
    The area of the tooth to be veneered is anesthetized with local anesthetics. In this way, the patient does not feel pain during the coating process. Anesthesia is supplemented if necessary.
  • Some treatments may be required before the crown&veneer treatment.
    For veneer treatment in Antalya, Turkey, the tooth to be veneered or the general oral health should be good. Otherwise, coating treatment ceases to be advantageous. Caries and cracks in teeth are repaired. If there is gum disease, it is treated. In this way, dental veneers are made possible.
  • To make the coating better, the main tooth is abraded.
    The tooth to be coated is abraded very thinly. The coating adheres better on the abraded enamel layer.
  • The dimensions of the original tooth that has been abraded are recorded.
    Depending on the abrasion on the tooth, the dimensions of the tooth will change. It is important to know the dimensions of the tooth well. These measurements are important for the size, height and width of the pavement. In this way, there is no incompatibility between the main tooth and the veneer.When considering All-on-4 implants in Antalya, understanding the dimensions of the tooth is crucial as these measurements play a significant role in ensuring a seamless fit and alignment between the primary tooth and the veneer, avoiding any potential issues arising from abrasion.
  • Temporary coating is used until the permanent ones are made.
    After the measurements are taken, the technician starts to make the permanent coating. Temporary veneer is placed on the patient's tooth so that the patient's eating and drinking activities are not interrupted until the permanent veneer is ready. While obtaining Emax crown, lithium disilicate is used, which increases the resistance and durability of the coating. In this respect, Emax crown differs from Empress.
  • Permanent coating is tried.
    The suitability of the permanent coating for the patient is tested. It is shown to the patient in the mirror. It is learned whether it meets the expectations of the patient in terms of color, size and shape.
  • Permanent veneer is placed after the patient's approval.
    Medical adhesive is used for placement on the main tooth. The veneer is placed on the patient's tooth. The dentist gives advice to the patient for the longevity of the coating and for good oral and dental health.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Emax Crown&Empress Veneer in Antalya, Turkey

    There are some differences between Emax crown & Empress dental veneers and zirconium veneers in Antalya, Turkey.

    • The durability of both coatings that do not contain metal is quite high. Zirconium veneer is relatively more durable than Empress veneer.
    • There are also differences in terms of the types of teeth used. Since zirconium coating is more durable, it is also used in molars. The most preferred teeth are molars. However, empress veneer teeth are mostly used in anterior teeth, which are important in terms of aesthetic appearance. Sometimes it can be preferred in small molars.
    • empress veneers are not preferred in bridges. More durable zirconium coatings can be used in bridges.

    The care of these veneers should be like the care of normal teeth in Antalya, Turkey. Routine oral and dental care should be done. It is better to use soft brushes. Tooth brushing should not be neglected and plaque formation should be prevented. The use of mouthwash should not be interrupted. Hard-shell foods should not be used with the teeth with the coating, and the coatings should not be forced to open the lids of the drinks. The use of dental floss and interface brush should be preferred to remove food residues.

    The life of the veneer varies depending on the treatment performed by the physician and the patient's attention to routine oral and dental care in Antalya, Turkey. In this regard, it would be wrong to give an exact time. After a successful treatment, oral and dental care should not be neglected. 6-month dental examination increases the permanence of the coating. With good care, these coatings can be used for years.

    The first sessions last about 30 minutes in Antalya, Turkey. This is the preparatory phase. In cases where treatments are required, this period is naturally extended. After the measurements are taken in the first session, the tooth is etched and the temporary veneer is attached. Subsequent sessions or sessions will be of shorter duration. In the next sessions, only the permanent coating is applied.

    In the first phase of the Emax crown & Empress veneer in Antalya, Turkey, the temporary veneer is placed after the measurements of the tooth are taken. Thanks to the temporary coating, which will be used until the permanent coating is made, there will be no disruption in the patient's eating and drinking activities. Temporary veneer is used like a normal tooth. Only at this stage one should be a little more sensitive and careful.

    In order to place the coating and increase the adhesion, the enamel layer is etched. Although there is no nerve in the enamel layer, there may be very slight sensitivity in deeply made or previously sensitive teeth. Sensitivity disappears in a few days, depending on the level. The sensitivity of the teeth, where there was sensitivity before, is removed before the coating. Cracked teeth are repaired. For this reason, sensitivity is very rare after veneer treatment.

    Emax crown & Empress veneers do not contain substances that cause allergic reactions in Antalya, Turkey. For this reason, the patient does not develop an allergy to the coating after the coating treatment. No case related to this has been found. It can be used safely as it does not cause metal allergy seen in metal-containing coatings.

    The surface of Emax crown & Empress dental veneers is not as rough as in normal teeth in Antalya, Turkey. In addition, the ceramic used during the construction of the coating is a resistant material against color change. In this respect, color change is not observed in the teeth of people who have these veneers. Although there may be accumulation on the tooth surface due to food residues, this plaque can be easily removed with the treatment performed by the dentist in 5 minutes. Color formation is prevented by regular oral care every day.

    Emax crown & Empress veneers adhere very well. It can be said that it is as strong as normal teeth. In this respect, the same care given to normal teeth should be shown to these veneers. However, as with normal teeth, hard impacts and hard shelled objects can damage the coating and drop it.

    Metal-containing standard veneers cause bruising in the area where the tooth and gingiva meet. However, these coatings do not contain metal. In this respect, they do not cause bruising on the gums.

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