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With dental implant treatments such as all on four or all on 6 dental implants, you can complete your missing teeth and get healthier teeth. Moreover, at the end of the treatment, you can remove the damage to the jawbone of your missing teeth.


What is dental implant?

Who gets tooth treatment?

Is dental implant treatment painful?

What are the tooth implant cost?

What should be considered after dental implant treatment?

How is dental implant treatment done?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dental implant?

Dental implant is used in the jawbone for different causes. Due to lack of teeth in the mouth or losing of their function are generally compansed with implant treatment. Patients can get aesthetic smile and mouth health. Detailed information is given below about dental implant.

Dental Implants Turkey

Who gets tooth implant treatment in Antalya, Turkey?

In which cases is dental implant treatment performed in Antalya, Turkey? Before answering the question, some evaluations need to be carried out. The oral structure of the person, the appearance of the gingiva, the presence of chronic diseases, the presence of allergies, the patient's expectations are the issues that should be examined before treatment. Implant treatment can be applied to the people mentioned below.

  • Persons whose jawbone shows sufficient physical development. Physical development is generally completed at the age of 18. After this age, implant treatment can be applied.
  • It should not be forgotten that in some cases, some young people who do not reach this age may have developed jaw structure. X-rays for the teeth and jaw structure will help to see the development.
  • It can be applied to those who are in good health condition, General health condition should be suitable for this treatment in Antalya, Turkey.
  • Those with missing teeth in the mouth. Eating and drinking activities may be interrupted, as well as melting in the jawbone. To prevent this melting, the ideal is to resort to implant treatment.
  • In cases where the tooth is present but cannot do its job, this treatment is inevitable if the tooth is wobbly, there are deformities in the teeth and the tooth cannot be used efficiently for these reasons. Thus, both the lack of function is eliminated and the teeth are obtained with an aesthetic appearance.
  • Those who cannot get the desired efficiency from their prostheses. Prostheses have various problems. It can fall, come out of the mouth constantly, press on the palate. To eliminate these negativities, the patient can have implant teeth.
  • Those who have enough space in their jaw for dental implant treatment There should be enough space in the jaw for dental implant treatment to be performed. Otherwise, with special applications, the jaw structure is made possible by dental implant treatment.

In addition,

  • If people with bridges have pain in the tooth or teeth under their bridges.
  • Inadequate aesthetic appearance of the bridge.
  • Impairment of taste due to the use of dentures.
  • People who complain that their speech has changed because they have a prosthesis.
  • Residues after meals escaping under the dentures and causing odor.
  • Prosthesis causing problems in eating and drinking activities.

In their case, implant treatment will be the solution.

Is dental implant treatment painful in Antalya, Turkey?

Many people wonder whether there will be pain during dental implant treatment, they are worried about this and even delay this treatment. Before this treatment, local anesthesia is applied for regional numbness. For this reason, pain is not felt during the procedure. General anesthesia can also be applied in treatments that will be difficult depending on the patient's preference and the physician's approval. During implant treatment, it is necessary to perform some operations on the jaw and gums. For this reason, there may be some pain after the operation. In this process, painkillers recommended by the dentist performing the application can be used. It is normal to see bruising and swelling after dental implant treatment, as some procedures are performed on the gums. Cold applications, especially during the first 1-3 days after the treatment, will reduce both swelling and pain.

Since the 'seamless implant technique' is used in some treatments, that is, the gingiva is not cut, there is no pain. In these treatments without cutting the gingiva, the risk of infection is considerably reduced.

What are the tooth implant cost in Antalya, Turkey?

Prices for treatments cannot be given on the internet. Base prices are available on the website of the Turkish Dental Association. Depending on the applications made for the treatment, there are additions to the base price and the final price is formed. There are various factors that affect the implant price. These can be listed as follows.

  • Physician's knowledge in Antalya, Turkey: It is one of the important criteria that determines the price. The experience or academic career of the physician, the number of successful treatments he has done can be reflected in the price policy.
  • Extra treatments are reflected in the price: Some procedures may be required on the jawbone before dental implant treatment. If the spaces between the teeth have formed a long time ago, melting of the jawbone may occur. After bone augmentation, treatment is started. Since such preliminary applications will require labor, time and materials, the price of dental implant treatment will increase.
  • Brand is important: Implant prices vary a lot. Implants with known and good features have a high price. The price of the treatment will also change according to the implant that the physician will recommend according to the patient's budget.
  • How many teeth will be implanted: As the number of teeth to be implanted increases, the number of implants to be used will naturally increase. In this case, the price will vary according to the number.
  • The property of the material placed on the implant: Since the properties will be different, the price may differ.
  • Exchange rates in Antalya, Turkey: Implants are usually imported. Prices will also change depending on the change in exchange rates.

It cannot be said that the physician who always offers the higher price is more successful. In addition, there should be no doubts about clinics that offer low prices. In this regard, in order to determine the price of dental implant treatment, the main thing to do is to be examined in a clinic to go according to the recommendations.

Please contact us to come to our clinic to be examined and to learn the price of your treatment.

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What should be considered after dental implant treatment in Antalya, Turkey?

Following the doctor's recommendations after treatment is very important for a successful recovery in Antalya, Turkey. Applications to be made are listed below.

  • The tampon placed on the tooth should not be removed for a while: In cases where the tooth is extracted for implant treatment, it is important that the tampon placed in the mouth is bitten by the patient for about half an hour and kept in the mouth. Because after the application, there will be bleeding in the form of leakage.
  • The muscles in the mouth should not be moved too much. Severe spitting, fast and harsh mouth gestures, laughter are the movements that increase bleeding after treatment. The wound area should not be irritated by taking the tongue to the treated area.
  • As with every treatment, smoking and alcohol use should be terminated after dental implant treatment: The most obvious feature of such habits is that they increase bleeding. They also weaken immunity and invite infection.
  • Head should be kept elevated during hospitalization: It will be beneficial to put pillows under the head while lying down to reduce bleeding and edema.
  • Oral and dental care should be given due importance.
  • After the treatment in Antalya, Turkey, it is necessary to stop gargling for 12 hours. After approximately 12 hours, you can gargle with salt water. It is possible to start brushing the teeth without a set. Since residues may remain after meals, residues can be cleaned with a wet tampon. You have to be sensitive while doing this.
  • Cold applications can be applied to reduce edema and pain. The implant process may cause edema due to the damage to the gums. Pain may also occur due to the pressure of the swelling on the nerves. With cold water bag applications, the vessels can be narrowed to reduce bleeding and reduce swelling. With the effect of cold, the pain is also reduced. However, this should be done carefully. Applying ice for a long time (holding ice for a long time) can cause frostbite.
  • The doctor's prescription should be followed.
  • Aspirin is a pain reliever that increases bleeding because it dilutes the blood. In this regard, the implant should not be used to reduce pain after dental treatment. In this regard, painkillers prescribed by the physician will be useful. In order to prevent the formation of infection, it is necessary to use the antibiotic prescribed by the physician regularly. While gargling, it should be kept in the mouth for 2-3 minutes and then the mouth should be rinsed.
  • A healthy and regular diet is more important in the post-treatment period: Nothing should be consumed for 2-3 hours after dental implant treatments, including all on four implants and all on 6 implants in Turkey. After this period, liquid and soft foods should be preferred.During the consumption of hard foods, the treatment area may be damaged. Acidic foods and drinks should be avoided, cold and hot drinks should not be consumed in the first days. For the first 1-2 days, the treated area should not be used if possible and plenty of water should be consumed.
  • Control appointments should be made:
  • Care should be taken not to irritate the seams with the tongue. It is necessary to go to the appointment given by the doctor for the removal of the sutures.

How is dental implant treatment done in Antalya, Turkey?

Implant treatment can vary from person to person. Because everyone's mouth structure and expectations are different. For this reason, it is the most valid way to apply the treatment plan that is ideal for the person.

  • It is examined whether the general health status is good: The patient is clinically examined. The general health status of the patient is evaluated with other examinations to be made.
  • The patient's mouth structure is displayed: It is important to visualize the jawbone and gums and whether they are suitable for treatment. X-rays are taken or three-dimensional tomographic imaging is performed. The feature of the place where the implant treatment will be applied is determined. At the end of the examinations, the characteristics and dimensions of the implant to be used are decided.
  • The patient is informed: After the examinations, the patient is informed about the selection of the implant, how the treatment will be performed, and the price of the implant application. At the end of mutual agreement, treatment is started.
  • The implant area is anesthetized so that the patient does not feel pain. As in other surgical dental treatments, regional anesthesia is performed in the implant treatment. The patient does not feel pain during the procedure.
  • Before starting the implant treatment in Antalya, Turkey, extra treatment may be required: If the person's jaw structure is suitable and there is no infection (if necessary), implant treatment can be started immediately after tooth extraction. If a tooth has been lost much earlier and there is a missing tooth (tooth socket) in the jaw, a small incision is made in the dental mucosa and the bone is exposed. A slot is opened on the jawbone and the implant deemed appropriate by the physician is placed in this slot.
  • Stitches are placed on the cut part of the mucosa: After placing the implant, the physician sutures the mucosa. The patient uses the temporary prosthesis until the permanent prosthesis is attached. The patient does not overload the temporary prosthesis while eating.
  • At the end of the required time, the stitches are removed: After the treatment in Antalya, Turkey, the doctor goes to the clinic to remove the stitches on the day determined by the doctor (approximately 7-10 days later).
  • It is necessary to wait to put a prosthesis on the implant: After about 2 or 3 months, the prosthesis is attached to the implant.
  • The model is removed and the prosthesis is placed on the implant. After waiting for about 3 months, there are boils in the bone. The patient is called for an appointment several times until the permanent prosthesis is fitted. Prosthesis size is checked. The patient's approval is obtained for the prosthesis to be placed on the implant. The implant is placed after the patient's consent is obtained.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implants in Antalya, Turkey

If there is no obstacle to treatment, implant treatment can be performed immediately after tooth extraction. There should be no symptoms such as bleeding, cyst, infectious condition, swelling due to edema. In case of these problems, first treatment is applied and then implant treatment is started. If the teeth have already been extracted and there is a gap suitable for implantation in the jaw, treatment can be started. If bone augmentation is needed after the necessary measurements are made, first of all, the jawbone is enlarged with the grafting method. After this application, there is no obstacle for implant treatment.

There may be various reasons for the failure of implant treatment. One of these is to continue smoking both before and after treatment. As scientifically revealed, smoking has many harmful effects. It delays wound healing, triggers infection, weakens the immune system and can increase bleeding. It would be more accurate not to smoke for 15-20 days before and after the treatment in Antalya, Turkey.

The duration of the implant treatment varies depending on factors such as the patient's mouth structure, the characteristics of the gingiva, the number of implants to be inserted, whether it will be made immediately after tooth extraction, and whether a previously implanted socket is ready. Implant treatment for a tooth takes approximately 30 minutes. If more implants are to be made, the time can be calculated accordingly. After the implant is placed, a temporary prosthesis is used for approximately 2-3 months in Antalya, Turkey. A permanent prosthesis is then attached.

Implant life is different for each person in Antalya, Turkey. Good oral care, non-use of cigarettes and alcohol increases the life of the implant. There are patients who have been using their implants for about 35 years and have not encountered too many problems. The implant tooth should be thought of as a normal tooth. In other words, the care shown to the normal tooth should also be shown to the implant tooth. Otherwise, the life of the implant will be shortened. Complying with the things to do after the treatment section will extend the life of the implant.

Implantation may be risky for some patients. The treatment is decided with the consultation of the physician and dentist who know the chronic diseases that the person has.

Those exposed to intensive radiotherapy.
Pregnant women.
Those who are serious smokers.
Those with uncontrolled diseases (especially those with uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure, those with autoimmune disease, those using drugs that suppress the immune system such as cancer patients, hemophilia patients).

There are very high quality implant brands imported. Your dentist will give you detailed information about this. The lot value of the implant is an important factor that determines the quality. As well as the quality of the implant, the experience of the dentist and the number of successful implant treatments should not be ignored.

For implant treatment in Antalya, Turkey, it is necessary to wait until the age of 18 is completed. At this age, the chin completes its physiological development. However, it should be kept in mind that some patients under the age of 18 may also have developed jawbone and have implants. It is necessary to benefit from radiography and tomography measurements to understand whether the person has the appropriate mouth and bone structure for implant treatment.

Your dentist will put a temporary denture on you so that your food consumption is not adversely affected. For this reason, you will not have any problems until the permanent prosthesis is placed.

Technological devices are used in the implant application and at the end of the treatment in Antalya, Turkey, a tooth image very similar to the real tooth is formed. Porcelain teeth are used in the treatments performed in the front of the mouth. Likewise, zirconium is used as a coating on the implant. For this reason, a very natural image is revealed after the implant. Titanium, which is very durable, provides a similar appearance.

Scientific studies show that the all on four implant or all on 6 dental implant has no harmful effects. Studies have not revealed any adverse events, including cancer and allergic conditions. The implants used are materials that are accepted by the human body and do not react. If care is not taken after the treatment, the implant and the jawbone may not fuse sufficiently and the implant may fall.The news about the implant that do not reflect the truth should not be trusted.

You can call our clinic and get examined to find answers to your questions about dental implant treatment in Antalya, Turkey.

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