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All on 6 dental implant procedure is a form of treatment that people who have toothlessness problems in their mouths consider as a solution. After the treatment, the patients gain an aesthetic appearance that will meet the expectations. Moreover, they can use their new teeth for a long time by doing routine oral and dental care.


What is dental implant?

What is the All on 6 dental implant technique?

Who is all on 6 dental implant treatment applied to?

How is All on 6 dental implant treatment done?

How much are all on 6 dental implants?

Will there be pain during All on 6 dental implant treatment?

Why many people go to Turkey for All on 6 dental implant treatment?

Discover the latest advancements in all on 6 dental implants

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dental implant?

An implant is an artificially produced titanium screw that replaces the root of the missing tooth in the mouth. Implants are placed in the upper or lower jawbone. Implant-retained teeth look like our natural teeth and do the same job. After it is placed in the bone, it is waited for a while for the fusion to occur. If there is insufficient bone development or if there is bone resorption, falls may occur in implants.

All on 6 Dental Implants Turkey

What is all on 6 dental implant?

During the All on 6 dental implant technique, after radiological and tomographic imaging and measurements, 6 dental implants are placed in the jawbone where deemed appropriate. The treatment is terminated after a fixed prosthesis suitable for the patient's oral structure is placed on the implants.

Who is all on 6 dental implant treatment applied to in Antalya, Turkey?

All on 6 dental implant treatment in Antalya, Turkey;

  • To those who have no female
  • Those who have very few teeth in their mouths, those who have broken teeth or broken tooth roots, and those who have wobbly teeth that cannot function.
  • In cases where those who have removable dentures complain a lot about their prosthesis (those who have problems with food consumption, those who have speech problems, people who hit the palate with the prosthesis)
  • People who have shame and melt in their jaw bones because they lost their teeth.
  • For those who consider another treatment instead of the standard treatment because the price is relatively low.
  • Those whose general health conditions are suitable for implant treatment
  • It should not be done in some risky situations or should be done after taking adequate precautions.
  • Cases in which there is an advanced cancer patient and metastasis is in question.
  • Those who have undergone organ transplant surgery
  • People who use drugs that weaken the immune system
  • People who have been exposed to frequent radiotherapy in the mouth and neck area.
  • Diabetes, high blood pressure patients who are not well controlled despite the use of medication

How is All on 6 dental implant treatment done in Antalya, Turkey?

  • Before starting All on 6 dental implant treatment in Antalya, Turkey, it is examined whether the general health status of the patient is suitable for treatment. The status of chronic diseases, drugs used and allergy status are learned.
  • The mouth structure is displayed. It is determined whether the jawbone is suitable for dental implant application. The suitability of the implant sites is examined.
  • The place where the implant will be placed is anesthetized. For this purpose, local anesthesia technique is used.
  • If necessary, treatments are carried out. Rocking teeth are pulled, fractures are straightened, and broken roots are pulled. If there is gum disease, it is treated.
  • The dentist places 6 dental implants where necessary in Antalya, Turkey.
  • Until the permanent prosthesis is placed, a temporary prosthesis is placed so that the patient's eating and drinking activities can continue and the implant can be protected.
  • At this stage, the patient-specific prosthesis (which is suitable for the teeth and jaw measurements made before) is prepared by the technician. During the preparation phase, the patient is given several appointments and the model is prepared.
  • After the fusion of the jawbone and the implant (it may take approximately 3 months), the prepared permanent prosthesis is attached.
  • The physician prescribes the necessary medications and advises the patient.
All on 6 dental implant in Antalya, Turkey

How much are all on 6 dental implants in Antalya, Turkey?

It is forbidden for clinics approved by the Ministry of Health to give prices on their websites. The Turkish Dental Association has determined the base price for this treatment in Antalya, Turkey. Dentists reflect the tooth implant costs on this price and offer prices according to the specific situation of the patient. Undoubtedly, a successful and experienced dentist will reflect this in his price. The feature and number of dental implants used, permanent prosthesis (zirconium, emax, etc.) to be attached to the implant, whether a corrective extra treatment will be applied before the treatment, and exchange rates will determine the price. It is to learn the exact price as an examination to a dentist who will be found by following the recommendations and following the before and after photos. You can contact us to be examined and to learn the dental implant cost of your treatment.

Will there be pain during All on 6 dental implant treatment in Antalya, Turkey?

Before applying the All on 6 dental implant technique in Antalya, Turkey, the area to be implanted is anesthetized with local anesthetics. For this reason, there is no pain during implant treatment. After the treatment, there may be pain on the first day as the effect of the drug will wear off. This may be more pronounced in people with a low pain threshold. You can spend this period more comfortably with painkillers that the dentist will prescribe to your prescription. It is normal to have swelling due to edema after treatment. Swelling may also cause slight pain due to the pressure it will exert on the nerve. For this reason, cold applications to the treatment area (especially for the first 1-2 days for 5 minutes per hour) can be effective in reducing pain.

Why many people go to Turkey for All on 6 dental implant treatment?

Turkey has become a popular destination for dental tourism, including for All-on-6 dental implants, due to several reasons:

  1. All-on-6 dental implant procedures in Turkey are generally much more affordable than in many other countries, including Europe, the United States, and Canada. This cost advantage is due to lower operating costs, lower labor costs, and favorable exchange rates.
  2. Quality: Despite lower costs, the quality of dental care in Turkey is generally considered to be high, with many experienced and well-trained dentists and oral surgeons offering state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.
  3. Accessibility: Turkey is a popular tourist destination, with many direct flights from major cities around the world. This makes it easy and convenient for patients to travel to Turkey for dental care, as well as enjoy a vacation at the same time.
  4. Tourism Infrastructure:Turkey has a well-developed tourism industry, with many hotels, resorts, and attractions that cater to international visitors. Many dental clinics in Turkey also offer packages that include accommodation, transportation, and other services to make the experience more comfortable for patients.
  5. Treatment waiting time:This period is shorter than many other countries that is why patients fly to Turkey fort his treatment.

Overall, the combination of high-quality care, affordability, accessibility, and tourism infrastructure has made Turkey a popular destination for dental tourism, including for All-on-6 dental implant procedures. However, it's important for patients to do their research and choose a reputable clinic and experienced dentist to ensure the best possible outcome.

Discover the latest advancements in all on 6 implants in Turkey

The All-on-6 dental implant technique has been around for several years, but there have been advancements in materials and technology that have improved the procedure and outcomes. Here are some of the latest developments in All-on-6 dental implants:

  1. Digital Planning: The use of advanced digital imaging technology, such as cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), allows dentists and oral surgeons to create highly accurate 3D models of the patient's mouth and jaw. This helps with precise planning and placement of the dental implants, reducing the risk of complications.
  2. Guided Surgery: Computer-guided implant surgery has become increasingly popular in recent years. With this technique, a surgical guide is created from the digital model, which helps guide the placement of the dental implants with greater accuracy and precision.
  3. Zirconia Implants: While titanium dental implants have been the standard for many years, zirconia implants are becoming more widely used. Zirconia implants have a number of advantages over titanium, including improved aesthetics, greater biocompatibility, and less risk of corrosion or allergic reactions.
  4. Immediate Loading: Immediate loading, or same-day implant placement, is a technique that allows the patient to receive a complete set of replacement teeth on the same day as implant placement. This approach can reduce the number of office visits and the overall treatment time.
  5. Customized Prostheses: With advanced digital technology, it's now possible to create custom prostheses that are tailored to the individual patient's needs and anatomy. This can result in a more comfortable and functional restoration.

Overall, these advancements in materials and technology have made All-on-6 dental implants Turkey a highly effective and predictable solution for patients with missing teeth. However, it's important for patients to choose an experienced and qualified dental professional to ensure the best possible outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions about All on Six Dental Implant in Antalya, Turkey

It is possible for all people without teeth to have a fixed dental prosthesis on the same day with a single surgical procedure in Antalya, Turkey. Sinus lift surgery or bone insertion type applications are not performed during the surgery. For this reason, it is a simple procedure that does not require advanced surgical procedures.

Surgery time is less than traditional dental surgeries.

When evaluated with classical dental implant operations; Since the number of dental implants used is less, the cost is even less.

When faced with conventional implant dental prostheses; the hygiene and maintenance of this application is simpler.

It is a treatment that helps the individual to obtain an aesthetic appearance, smile line and smile aesthetics because it is planned specifically for the individual.

It is the right application for people who do not want a removable dental prosthesis due to the nausea reflex in Antalya, Turkey.

A rapid recovery takes place.

You can enjoy eating and talking again.

You have a pearly white smile.

There is no need for removable prostheses.

It is observed that the person looks even younger.

It is possible to bite and chew food like natural teeth.

Lifetime solution. Dental implants are generally a permanent remedy for missing teeth.

Bone grafting is rarely needed.

Long-term results are achieved.

A completely well-groomed and healthy smile is achieved.

It improves oral health in a positive way.

1. They provide a natural look

Dental implants are designed to make our mouth look natural and function normally. Implants eliminate the problems of falling dentures, put an end to the worries that occur while laughing, and give confidence in eating and participating in social activities.

2. Implants are both durable and reliable.

With proper care, it is possible to use implants for years. It has been determined that there are people who have been using implants for 40 years in the patients followed.

3. The results are successful.

Well-planned and well-maintained all on six implants are much better than alternatives (prosthesis, bridge) and their results are more successful. As implant technology develops, success rates increase.

4. Eating and chewing is done more effectively.

The implants used for All on 6 are fixed to your jawbone just like natural teeth. Since there will be no space between the teeth, the jaw bone is protected and bone resorption does not occur. With the completion of missing teeth, eating and drinking will be more comfortable and conversations will improve.

5. It has a positive effect on bones and facial development. During this process, there is no need to cut the adjacent teeth. As mentioned above, the jawbone is preserved as the gaps will be closed. The load on the teeth is reduced.

What is the difference between the All on 6 dental implant technique and the normal implant system?

Considering the changes between the All on 6 dental implant and the normal implant; All 6 dental implants are placed on the chin at a slightly more angle than normal implants. For this reason, it may be possible to get more support from the bone. In this way, they can carry the load that 4 or 6 dental implants and 8 implants can carry.

Other changes are listed below:

Traditional implants are more costly in Antalya, Turkey.

While it is possible to return to normal life after 3 months in the all on six implant, this time is between 6 and 10 months in the traditional implant.

The traditional implant procedure requires significant surgical intervention. However, the number of procedures performed on all on 6 dental implants is even less.

In the traditional implant procedure, bone grafting is done. This operation is not required in all on six.

Titanium, which is one of the most used materials when producing implants, is almost never rejected by the body and is compatible with the body. There has been no report or scientific research showing that they cause cancer or any life-threatening disease. The FDA also has approval for the use of implants.

In order to have an implant in Antalya, Turkey, bone development should be sufficient in general. Generally, the age of 18 is the limit for physiological bone development. At this age, bone development is completed. Health status is another important criterion and it will be clear whether you are suitable for an implant with the examination by the dentist. Contrary to what many people think, it is stated that old age alone is not an obstacle to getting dental implants.

If there is gum recession, there may be another gum disease. Gum disease has some negative consequences. There may be losses in the bone tissue where the teeth are. In this case, the teeth are wobbly or the teeth may fall out. In this regard, gum disease or tooth recession is also dangerous for dental implants. This is also called peri-implant disease. In this disease, there is rapid bone loss. It is also difficult to treat in Antalya, Turkey. For this reason, it is not necessary to have implants before the gum disease or tooth extraction problem is treated.

No, it is not possible to turn dentures into implants such as all on four implant or all on 6 implant in Antalya, Turkey. Oral implants are screws attached to the jawbone to support or anchor artificial teeth. It may be possible to place it under dentures in the mouth to help stabilize and support the implants being placed. Only the dentist can do this if the existing dentures are in perfect condition. For this, examination is essential.

After the All on 6 process in Antalya, Turkey, there are some points that need attention in terms of nutrition. After the physicians perform the all on 6 dental implants Turkey technique, diet can be applied to the patients. This diet should be applied during the 3-month period required for the implant and bone to fuse. It is recommended not to eat hard foods and to pay attention to hygiene. With the permanent prosthesis to be made afterwards, he can consume foods without the need for any additional diet. However, if there is any fracture in the prosthesis during this procedure, the physician should be consulted.

This treatment is completed in one day - it usually takes between 2-4 hours depending on the person in Antalya, Turkey. This same day procedure allows people to return to their routine the next day with a pleasant smile.

Some discomfort is to be expected after receiving full dental implants (all in 6 dental implants). However, the implant specialist can advise on the use of over-the-counter pain relievers or prescribe you pain medications. You may need to take antibiotics or dentists may recommend that you use an antimicrobial mouthwash for the first week after the operation. Dentists will provide you with a wealth of information on how to care for your 6 dental implants, including hygiene and the best foods to eat for the first few days after the implant restoration operation in Antalya, Turkey.

First of all, it is necessary to be careful on 6 dental implants. Apart from daily dental care; Mouthwashes, toothbrushes and dental floss are recommended for oral hygiene and care. They should be examined by physicians every 6 months in Antalya, Turkey.

Turkey, Antalya has become a popular destination for dental tourism, including for All-on-6 and all on four dental implant surgery. Turkey, Antalya has modern, well-equipped dental clinics with highly skilled dental professionals who can provide quality care.

However, like any medical procedure, there are potential risks associated with All-on-6 dental implant surgery in Antalya, Turkey, regardless of where it is performed. It's important to thoroughly research and select a reputable dental clinic with experienced professionals who follow international safety standards and have a good track record for successful outcomes.

Additionally, it's important to consider the overall safety of traveling to Turkey for dental surgery, taking into account factors such as political stability, safety and security, and health risks. It's recommended to consult with a travel doctor and to stay up-to-date on any travel advisories issued by your government or international organizations.

Overall, Turkey can be a safe and viable option for All-on-6 dental implant surgery, but it's important to do your research and take appropriate safety precautions before making any travel arrangements.

All-on-6 dental implants are designed to be a long-term solution for replacing missing teeth in Antalya, Turkey. While nothing is truly permanent, All-on-6 implants are meant to last for many years and even decades with proper care.

The All-on-6 dental implant procedure involves placing six dental implants into the jawbone to support a full arch of replacement teeth. The implants are made of biocompatible materials such as titanium or zirconia, which fuse with the surrounding bone over time to create a stable foundation for the replacement teeth.

With good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups, All-on-6 dental implants can provide a durable and functional solution for missing teeth. However, like natural teeth, they can be subject to wear and tear over time, and may eventually require replacement or maintenance.

It's important to discuss the expected lifespan of All-on-6 dental implants with your dentist or oral surgeon, as individual factors such as oral hygiene, general health, and lifestyle can affect their longevity.

It is possible for a person's body to reject dental implants, including all-on-six dental implants. However, implant failure due to rejection is relatively rare, with a success rate of around 95-98% according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

Implant rejection occurs when the body's immune system mistakenly attacks the implant, leading to inflammation and implant failure. Factors that can increase the risk of implant rejection include poor oral hygiene, smoking, a weakened immune system, certain medical conditions, and certain medications.

It is essential to work with a qualified and experienced dental professional when considering dental implant treatment. They can help assess your oral health, medical history, and other risk factors to determine whether dental implants are a suitable option for you. Additionally, following proper oral hygiene practices and attending regular check-ups can help minimize the risk of implant failure.

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